BMW E36 compact / Z3 suspension bolt set - yellow zinc-plated

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BMW E36 compact / Z3 suspension screws set. The set contains over 100 yellow galvanized parts. Ideal for revising the front and rear axles.

Our BMW E36 compact / Z3 suspension screw set contains a total of over 100 parts. All parts are identical to the originals in terms of dimensions and strength and all are yellow galvanized. If no strengths are given, this is 8.8. We explicitly state higher strengths.

Detailed assembly instructions including tightening torques are enclosed with the article. The parts are delivered numbered according to the instructions.


The set also includes the holders for the handbrake cables and the holders for the pendulum support / coupling rod for the front and rear axles. We made these in a reinforced version. Because especially the brackets of the rear axle are too unstable in the original.


Scope of delivery (screws, nuts, washers):


Front axle:

- Front axle to body

- wishbone bearings on body

- Steering gear on the front axle

- Holder pendulum support on wishbone

- Pendulum support on the stabilizer

- Holder pendulum support

- Pendulum support on holder pendulum support

- Stabilizer bracket on the front axle

- ABS sensors on the shock absorber

- Anchor plates on the strut

- stub axle to strut


Rear axle:

- Differential on the rear axle - strength 10.9

- Rear axle to body

- Thrust struts on the body

- Trailing arm on the rear axle - strength 10.9

- ABS sensors on trailing arm

- Anchor plates on trailing arm

- Shock absorber on trailing arm - strength 10.9

- Stabilizer bracket on the body

- Holder pendulum support

- Holder pendulum support on trailing arm

- Pendulum support on holder pendulum support

- Handbrake cable retaining plate

- Handbrake cable adjustment nuts

- Holding block for the handbrake cable on the trailing arm


Depending on the type and batch, the parts can have slightly different shades of color.



With our article BMW E30/E36 compact/Z3M differential screw set you can complete the rear axle revision.

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