BMW E36 differential cover screw set - yellow zinc-plated

29.95 €
incl. VAT, plus delivery


BMW E36 differential cover screw set. With flag for differential transmission. yellow zinc-plated

The differential cover bolt set contains the following parts:

- all fixing screws for the cover (6 to 8 pieces dependant on 168, 188 or Z3M cover)
- 1x retaining plate (pulser coil) - yellow zinc-plated
- 2x screws for retaining plate - yellow zinc-plated
- 2x oil drain screws (incl. sealing) - yellow zinc-plated
- 1x differential flag stainless steel - blank
- 1x o-ring for pulser coil
- 2x or 4x bolted joint M12 for differential bracket - yellow zinc-plated

All screws have class 8.8 like the original BMW-screws and are yellow zinc-plated.

We also offer the screws for fixing the side driving flanges. If required, just order as well.

Fixing screws for the side driving flanges