BMW E36 suspension bolt set rear axle - yellow zinc-plated

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BMW E36 suspension bolts set rear axle. The set contains about 80 yellow zinc-plated parts. Ideal for revising the rear axle.

Our BMW E36 bolt set rear axle contains about 80 parts. All standard parts are identical in size and strength to the original and all are yellow zinc-plated. If no strengths are specified, 8.8 is present. Higher strengths are explicitly stated.

The set also includes some original BMW parts that we have galvanized yellow. The original parts are marked with * in the following.


The set is suitable for all E36 coupé, convertible, sedan and station wagon for all engines and years of construction.


The article is accompanied by a detailed assembly instructions including tightening torques. The parts will be delivered numbered according to the instructions.


Scope of delivery (screws, nuts, washers):


- Collar bolts 10.9 - Wishbone upper on trailing arm + collar nut self-locking |10|

- Eccentric screws 10.9 - Lower wishbone on trailing arm + self-locking collar nut |10| *

- eccentric washers

- Hexagon bolts with washer 10.9 - Upper wishbone on rear axle carrier

- Hexagon bolts with washer 10.9 - Lower wishbone on rear axle carrier

- Thread plate - Wishbone to rear axle *

- Collar bolts 10.9 - Trailing arm to bearing block

- Collar bolts 10.9 - Bearing block to body

- Cylinder head screws - ABS sensor

- threaded bolt + collar nut |10| - spherical roller bearings *

- shoulder bolts - spherical roller bearings *

- shoulder bolts with washer 10.9 + shims and nut holder - vibration absorber

- hexagon screw with washer 10.9 - differential bearing *

- shoulder bolts + nuts - holding tab and holder pendulum support to body

- hexagon screw + nut self-locking - pendulum supports on holder pendulum support

- Holder pendulum support rear

- Hexagon bolts + washer 10.9 - Shock absorber on trailing arm

- hexagon bolts + washer - anchor plate to trailing arm

hexagon bolts - bracket brake line on trailing arm



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