E30, E34, E36 seal kit pulser coil differential

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seal kit for rear axle differential pulser coil

The set contains the following parts:

- 1x retaining plate (pulser coil) - yellow zinc-plated
- 2x screws for retaining plate - yellow zinc-plated
- 1x o-ring for pulser coil

Fits the following models:

3er E30 2-Türer
316, 316i, 318i, 318is, 320i, 320is, 323i, 325e, 325i, 325ix, M3
3er E30 4-Türer
316, 316i, 318i, 320i, 320is, 323i, 324d, 324td, 325e, 325i, 325ix
3er E30 Touring
316i, 318i, 320i, 324td, 325i, 325ix
3er E30 Cabrio
318i, 320i, 325i, M3
3er E36 Compact
316g, 316i 1.6, 316i 1.9, 318tds, 318ti, 323ti
3er E36 Coupé
316i, 318is, 320i, 323i, 325i, 328i, M3, M3 3.2
3er E36 Limousine
316i, 318i, 318is, 318tds, 320i, 323i, 325i, 325td, 325tds, 328i, M3, M3 3.2
3er E36 Touring
316i, 318i, 318tds, 320i, 323i, 325tds, 328i
3er E36 Cabrio
318i, 320i, 323i, 325i, 328i, M3, M3 3.2
5er E28 Limousine
518, 518i, 520i, 524d, 524td, 525e, 525i, 528i, 535i, M5, M535i
5er E34 Touring
518g, 518i, 520i, 525td, 525tds
5er E34 Limousine
518i, 520i, 524td, 525td, 525tds
6er E24 Coupé
628CSi, 635CSi, M635CSi
7er E23 Limousine
728, 728i, 728iS, 730, 732i, 733i, 735i, 745i
Z1 Roadster
Z3 E36 Roadster
Z3 1.8, Z3 1.9, Z3 2.0, Z3 2.2i, Z3 2.8, Z3 3.0i, Z3 M3.2
Z3 E36 Coupé
Z3 2.8, Z3 3.0i, Z3 M3.2