BMW E46 suspension bolts set front axle

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BMW E46 suspension bolts set front axle. The set includes over 30 parts. Ideal for the revision of the front axle.

Our BMW E36 bolt set front axle contains more than 30 parts. All standard parts are identical in size and strength to the originals. If no strengths are specified, 8.8 is present. Higher strengths are explicitly stated.

The article is accompanied by a detailed assembly instructions including tightening torques. The parts will be delivered numbered according to the instructions.

Scope of delivery (screws, nuts, washers):

Front axle:

- Front axle to body - 10.9

- Wishbone bearing to body - 10.9

- Steering gear on front axle

- Retaining strap on front axle carrier

- Coupling rod to stabilizer/suspension strut

- Reinforcement plate/reinforcement cross 10.9

- ABS sensors on suspension strut

- Steering knuckle to suspension strut - 10.9

- Anchor plates to suspension strut